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Thepsuwan Steel Company Co.,Ltd is a leading company in the steel industry that has established a strategic partnership with Tapsuwan Kalek Co.,Ltd   and Loy Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. This collaboration represents a powerful union between three renowned companies, each with its unique expertise, aiming to strengthen their position in the market and offer innovative solutions to customers.

Thepsuwan Steel Co.,Ltd specializes in construction projects and metal structures. With a team of experienced and skilled engineers, the company offers customized and efficient solutions for large-scale projects. Their expertise in design, structural calculations, and fabrication of metal structures perfectly complements the steel products provided by Tapsuwan Kalek Co.,Ltd

Tapsuwan Kalek Co.,Ltd is known for its excellence in the production and supply of high-quality steel products. Its extensive industry experience has made it one of the top steel suppliers, catering to the demands of various sectors such as construction, infrastructure, and manufacturing. The company is recognized for its dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Loy Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is renowned for its excellence in civil engineering services and consultancy. With a team of highly qualified engineers, the company offers comprehensive solutions for construction and infrastructure projects. Their expertise in planning, project management, and site supervision is essential in ensuring the quality and safety of the structures built.

The partnership between Thepsuwan Steel Co.,Ltd , Tapsuwan Kalek Co.,Ltd, and Loy Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. aims to combine the strengths of each company to provide integrated and complete solutions to customers. This collaboration will enable the development of innovative projects, construction of durable and sustainable metal structures, and the provision of specialized consultancy services in civil engineering.

Together, these three companies are committed to driving the steel and engineering sectors by providing high-quality products and services that meet the needs of customers. With a solid reputation and a proven track record of success, the partnership between Thepsuwan Steel Co.,Ltd, Tapsuwan Kalek Co.,Ltd, and Loy Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is a reliable choice for any construction and infrastructure project.

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Our Vision

Through our dynamic and reliable infrastructure, we offer our service throughout Phuket and aspire to be the most trusted and preferred partner in the provision of construction materials.

Our Mission

We aim to exceed customer expectations by offering quality products and services that are based on building endurance of your construction projects, no matter what the size.

Core Values

Our Pride

We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver on-demand for each project through our strong logistics network which caters to all types of construction projects.

To consistently provide the construction and engineering industry with reliable, superior quality products and services.


Our team

Wijitra Namata


Chaiyakon Phongngooluem


Rungsan Kongthong LL.D.


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